Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Childhood Country*

It was another time, an age ago.
Now I wonder where we are
when we lie together late in this supernal night.
Beside me in graceful repose,
there is an air of the numinous
in the light on your skin.
Our world is reeling through a wind shaped nimbus.
From beginning to end we know nothing beyond
the ecstasy and the dread.
Outside the engines, denizens and fauna hum –
a country
for children.
*The title is from “The Abduction” by Stanley Kunitz 
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  1. A bit of nostalgia here....I like 'a country for children.'

  2. admiring this line, Ronald: "From beginning to end we know nothing beyond /
    the ecstasy and the dread." ~ M

  3. What do we know beyond the rapture and the dread... indeed...nothing!

    I will read this Kunitz poem. Thank you for the introduction. I am not au fait with current American poets ... Pleased you like Bukowski. He is one of my favourites too.

    1. Please remove your word verification. Most people will not comment with them on. I do not normally and only did because of your grasp of Kafka and Bukowski:)

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  5. powerful write... wonder carries an air of innocence; loved the nostalgia too.