Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tossing a Ball

I look at my dogs and wonder why they
like chasing the ball. Rabbits and squirrels
I get; the ball must have a magic all its own.
20 years after Annie Barker’s dress lifted
above her waist as she ran for a touchdown
I married her – still I marvel at the daisies and
freckles beneath her dress. Is glimmer one of
those words that makes you think of stars,
or ice in moonlight? If I have a glimmer of
hope would it shine like stars out over the
ocean, or would it mean the moon might
be made of green cheese? When that first
girl pulled the heart from my chest and
handed it to me like a shell, I put it to my
ear and heard the sound of my impending
doom. I survived, though I will never
forget the silence in that shell. I still hold
it to my ear now and then, searching
for a glimmer of hope, something magic
for me to chase.

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  1. What the essential parallel between the dogs chasing the ball and man chasing the magical subject of his wondering....just dogs will always chase the ball, and cats - moving target...and those things - reachable. People're chasing every time new stuff, and sometimes - impossible to get it. It seems like the secret of happiness - always chase the Phoenix...

  2. oh wow...this is beautiful, but haunting. i understand the glimmers of hope, we all chase them. i love your references to the ice and moon. such a lovely piece!

    stacy lynn mar